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Free Money

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Now that the Canadian Dollar has soared above the American dollar, the Jays should have barrels of cash to spend on fancy new free agents, right? Right?

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Written by halejon

November 21, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Quote of the Day

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Dan: “Where the heck did we get Luna?!”

Me: “Well he had a great season for the Cardinals last year and only wasn’t starting because he’s so useful for his versatility but then he came to spring training fat and made a lot of errors and they gave up on him.”

Dan: “Hey, that sounds like something the Blue Jays would do!”

I really like that they Claimed Luna off waivers. Yes it’s a longshot on an erratic, mentally unstable player, but instead of a major leaguer who nobody wants, think of him as a new, only slightly old, minor league prospect who is better than anyone else we have coming up. He’s the super-versatile player we wanted Jason Smith to be, but he’s as young as Russ Adams. He’s quick, walks, has a little power. And although he’s been frustrating for some teams, it’s not like he’s burnt out. He hasn’t even played a full season in AAA yet, and he was rushed to the big leagues- the fact that his major league totals are better than his minor league ones tells you something.

And back to the quote…doesn’t it seem like the Jays are a little rough on the young guys? Rios was almost out the door for some pretty mediocre talent when his power wasn’t even developing that slowly. (Compare Magglio Ordonez to Rios and you can see that Alexis was not the first “late” (wait…he was 25?!) bloomer).

I guess Russ Adams and Josh Phelps were legitimate scrap-heapers, but the way they just sat Adams on the bench for a season was bizarre. Then there’s the cycle of 1-outing appearances they gave Jamie Vermilyea and Gronk and Brian Wolfe this season until they accidentally Wolfe up long enough to figure out how to pitch. And finally…remember when we told Marcum that due to his strong finish to 2006 he had a shot at the starting rotation, and then we went out and signed a bunch of extreme longshots so he didn’t really? Can we at least fire a scout somewhere for that decision??

Written by halejon

August 6, 2007 at 4:27 pm

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Lied about League

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Evidently there’s a reason AAA newspapers and blogs haven’t been called up yet. After a number of reports that Brandon League had been promoted to the Blue Jays, he is back pitching for the Syracuse Chiefs. It’s a bit of a mystery what happened to him during the 9 days when he wasn’t on any team’s roster.

What’s worse is that JP made some troublesome comments that flew under the radar while everyone has been obsessing about what he said about Burnett. Earlier in the interview, Ricciardi said it “might be a situation” where League pitches in AAA all year and then “works on it again in the offseason”. He also avoided saying anything positive when asked if League was going to get his velocity back, and repeated several times that it was more important that he get back his normal sinking action (the lack of which has made his ground ball ratio around 2 this year in the minors as opposed to 6 last season).

So 91-92 mph, no movement, and no timetable for improvement this season. This is a far cry from the pitcher who was expected to come back towards the end of June, and had “turned the corner” not too long ago.

Oh and about AJ: JP said exactly the same thing about pitching through pain LAST year, and his second comment was taken (and mangled) out of context. He never said signing AJ was a mistake- he said we would not make such a big money, high risk signing with the young guys coming up as they are now. Which is pretty obvious, really…

Written by halejon

July 7, 2007 at 6:59 pm

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