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Broken Record

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There’s already been a drunken remark and a little ranting directed at Griffin’s latest mailbag, but did anyone notice that the first question:

My question is, where’s the plan?

So we re-sign Johnny Mac, then you trade for Marco Scutaro, then you go get David Eckstein?…

Is the conclusion to an old Griffin article read backwards.

Here is how the Jays have gone about building an ’08 contender. First, they traded for super-sub Marco Scutaro from the A’s, to fill the McDonald super-sub role. Then they signed Eckstein to a one-year deal, returning McDonald to his super-sub role. One of them is obsolete. You don’t need two of them. It’s why the Jays finish third every year. Ricciardi needs to formulate a plan and stick to it for more than a year.

And his diatribe on why improving the hot corner over time is a bad thing:

The Ricciardi philosophy of ratcheting up his instant gratification can best be seen at third base. His first season, J.P. had slickly traded for the rookie-of-the-year, third-baseman Eric Hinske. He quickly signed him to a five-year deal. Two years later, he bailed on Hinske and signed Corey Koskie to a three-year deal, talking about clubhouse influence and veteran (Canadian) leadership. One year later, he dumped Koskie, eating major money and traded the best second baseman in the league for Troy Glaus, a veteran with three years left and an option at the hot corner, who had more power than Koskie, supposed clubhouse presence and had won a World Series MVP…

Is also completely recycled from an old mailbag:

Ricciardi and his treatment of the third base position have constantly been a mystery. No matter who he has had at that position he has tried to upgrade, even if it meant diminishing at another position – like second base.

His first trade as Jays GM was for Eric Hinske that turned into a rookie-of-the-year season at third base in 2002. After rewarding Hinske with a multi-year deal at spring training ’03, he quickly lost patience after two more seasons and went and signed Corey Koskie as a free agent, moving Hinske to first. Then, with Koskie already in tow under a long-term deal, he went and traded away his best defender and most popular player, Orlando Hudson, for another third baseman under a huge multi-year deal. He dumped Koskie to Milwaukee and ate a significant part of the contract…

You probably already knew Dick writes his own questions in a pinch, but rehashing his own weak-ass argument is so incredibly lazy it has left me completely uninspired to rip into the insanity of complaining about “losing patience” in Hinske and/or going with the “plan” of staying pat in the AL East. Just read my old post on his original article, from back when we both still had fire in our bellies.


Written by halejon

March 6, 2008 at 7:41 am

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