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It’s a real shame the Jays lost Brian Butterfield along with John Farrell; his ability to turn above-average infielders into elite ones will certainly be missed. Would he have made a good manager, though, and was it worth it to give him the reins to keep his infield coaching skills around? I was never as enamoured with his in-game strategy and it could have been another Farrellesque invocation of the Peter Principle — where a team is forced to promote a guy from being a very good coach to being not a particularly good manager.

But relaxxxxx. Now there’s a Hale behind the bench. We’re in the best hands there are. Here’s former player Lou Merloni gushing about his time spend under Demarlo. And Peter Gammons preemptively calling this a ‘coup’. Obviously I’m a little too close to the situation for my comments to carry much weight (we won the three-legged race together at the last reunion), so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that our conversation as we were unlacing our shared limb and accepting the trophy went something like this:

“So how did you acquire such a sterling reputation around baseball for studying opponent’s tendencies anyway, Demarlo?”

“Well son, it all comes down to rigorous statistical analysis of advanced pitch tracking data.”

“Hey, that’s kind of my thing, too! It must run in our shared DNA.”

“No kidding! Well, I’ll give you a call if I ever end up in Toronto needing a right-hand man who is a pitch f/x expert willing to work long hours for peanuts to make the next Moneyballesque statistical revolution happen in his home town.”

“Haha, not like that’ll ever happen, but I’m taking you up on your offer if it does!”

I’m going to have to cut off the memory playback there because at this point apparently my giant dog, Falcor, flew both of us away from the Blue Meanies and onto Lollipop Island where we watched Joe Carter hit back-to-back home runs to win the 2013 world series. But other than that last bit, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it went down*.

*If you think this is a stupid post, imagine the photoshop job that I decided wasn’t worth it.


Written by halejon

November 24, 2012 at 2:23 pm

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  1. […] The Mockingbird, Jon Hale reacts enthusiastically to the arrival of a namesake– new bench coach […]

  2. John, big fan of the blog, Idea for a post id like to read:
    Something involving pitch fx data on J Johnson ive been reading that he regained some of his lost fb velocity later in the season. Truth to this? Was he able to return his wiff rate back to 2009, 2011 levels?

    Thanks keep it up!


    November 28, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    • That is such a good idea that this post is half written. 😉 I’ll get on it. From what I can recall, his fastball velocity increased steadily throughout the season (as with most pitchers) and then dropped suddenly, and then kept rising again for the rest of the year.


      November 28, 2012 at 7:37 pm

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