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Time for an all-bile, no-numbers post! This is absolutely the worst kind of article by the Sun. Forget oil spills — people should be fined for pouring this kind of toxic crap onto the internet. Shamed is the next best thing, and it’s what I’ve got.

Yes, Escobar is a clueless young athlete who didn’t understand the finer points of translation/the type of society he is playing ball in and was not trying to offend anyone in particular. I’m over it. But no, the reaction from the team and MLB does not:

1) Exhibit a lack of a sense of humour.

Oh ho ho ho ho! You used a slur! That’s HILARIOUS! Hey, there’s a whole list of them for races (and women, too!) that you can’t display on national TV the way you do in a macho locker room. But as a straight white man, they really make me laugh — so get out the eye black! Geez, why do people always get so darned serious when I’m laughing at them?

2) Comment negatively on John Farrell/AA’s leadership.

Apparently, another problem is “leaders who don’t stand up for their people”. Because Escobar, of course, is “their people”, being good enough to play in the major leagues (and straight). All those mathematically-certain-to-exist gay Latino minor leaguers in the Blue Jays’ organization that the team conclusively did stand up for, are, of course, not their people, and therefore do not need to be stood up for.

3) Come down too hard on Escobar.

If you break the clearly-stated rules of baseball, you get a fine. I don’t care what your explanation is for how the ball slipped out of your hand and hit that guy’s head, how you ended up with that illegal drug in your system, or why your comments about the umps really were meant in jest. We don’t want that in the game, so we fine people who do it. No three strikes, no excuses, no exceptions. Nothing personal, Escobar. I don’t hate you for making a mistake. But we have to make an example out of you so that the next dumb jock won’t do the same thing. It’s a very old and surprisingly effective legal principle: people are not hung for stealing horses, they are hung so that horses are not stolen.

This author accepts that what Escobar did was wrong (although apparently the threshold requiring discipline is being as comically offensive as John Rocker, or actually standing at the corner of Church and Wellesley committing hate crimes), but opines that the slap-on-the-wrist-fine and public apology is somehow cruel to him because he didn’t know, because locker rooms are notoriously homophobic anyway, because he was on a raft when he was young, blah, blah, blah. Apparently, we should all be reasonable and just look the other way so that poor, poor, Escobar doesn’t have to look like a sad puppy dog through a press conference and miss three whole games of meaningless baseball. So that a grown man doesn’t have to go through the horrific indignity of admitting he was wrong and saying he was sorry. Oh, how can we be so cruel!

I call that a ridiculous double standard and refer you again to the dignity and feelings of thousands of gay kids who have been putting up with this kind of subtle but pervasive hate in the locker rooms for decades. Who suffer real torment and both physical and psychological abuse because for so long we have done exactly that — laughed off the damage of seemingly minor homophobic events that prop up a much deeper culture of intolerance. It’s a sick mindset stuck deep in our sports culture that we as a society are trying to fight off, and through great efforts are slowly eradicating — and sly apologists like Mr. Warmington make me want to puke.


Written by halejon

September 19, 2012 at 11:53 am

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  1. Indisputably spot on…


    September 21, 2012 at 8:36 am

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