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So I was just messing around with pitch f/x data tables, as is my wont, when I came across this little gem about the Jays: did you know they are leading the league in pitches seen per at bat this year? I guess you could take this as some kind of encouraging sign, working the count, wearing down the pitcher and all that — but it’s rather strange when you consider that since 2009, they have been ranked 1st, 4th, and 2nd in fewest pitches seen, across the entire league.

Swinging wildly from one side of the spectrum to the other seems like too much to be a sample size issue, and there really hasn’t been much of a lineup change. You’d think a new ‘hitting philosophy’ being espoused by hitting instructor Dwayne Murphy would be the sort of soft, gooey, easily digestible tripe the real journalists would be all over, though…so wtf? Is nobody seeing the ball? Has Lawrie been giving the take sign from third so he try to steal home? Huh?

Edit: Yeah, the 2009 numbers are all deflated because pitch f/x was patchy for the first half of the season. I can fix that if anyone needs them particularly accurate — we DO go to nine decimal places around here…;)


chn 3.553066038
cin 3.606942889
hou 3.613277134
cha 3.61637931
min 3.625284738
kca 3.64399093
det 3.656633222
sfn 3.66819222
sdn 3.681306306
col 3.685456595
tba 3.690223793
sln 3.695702671
pit 3.724091521
phi 3.742537313
lan 3.749440716
sea 3.750861079
bos 3.775029446
nya 3.776643991
ana 3.776887872
mil 3.790973872
tex 3.799295775
mia 3.831372549
was 3.841981132
atl 3.85
nyn 3.853448276
cle 3.855658199
bal 3.878078818
ari 3.887799564
oak 3.962332928
tor 3.967853042


hou 3.60401348
tor 3.618598997
cha 3.627298982
mil 3.631656587
sln 3.632190587
chn 3.644692046
ari 3.654232843
bal 3.654294479
nyn 3.659694407
sfn 3.662867704
det 3.671434702
cin 3.679265013
phi 3.680733411
atl 3.688132475
min 3.700808206
was 3.704242994
col 3.706270627
flo 3.706781714
tex 3.712530361
ana 3.717364532
kca 3.741837969
lan 3.751411567
cle 3.76778275
sea 3.786616162
oak 3.797732148
pit 3.801776531
sdn 3.81465854
tba 3.814903846
nya 3.828900709
bos 3.837490775


bal 3.67488
cin 3.682215743
tex 3.692702051
tor 3.701233366
kca 3.712923224
sfn 3.734992224
hou 3.739265814
sln 3.742577385
nyn 3.744984754
cha 3.745307031
det 3.766945218
min 3.776538044
chn 3.78028124
was 3.791392324
oak 3.794179128
mil 3.797527773
ana 3.804442298
cle 3.810200537
pit 3.814631735
col 3.827946916
phi 3.840197439
sdn 3.844430114
sea 3.847683207
atl 3.862095413
nya 3.885468538
lan 3.896551724
flo 3.897419355
tba 3.901120835
ari 3.98109343
bos 3.9884375


tor 2.840989399
sfn 2.846097202
sln 2.852409639
atl 2.889161698
hou 2.928028195
was 2.946647441
kca 2.96812603
ari 2.974649407
nyn 2.977830274
mil 2.983318545
cin 2.984632074
sea 2.984823246
pit 2.994969257
chn 2.997508897
tba 2.998527246
cle 2.999462173
bal 3.011976048
det 3.014337568
lan 3.020302013
tex 3.030823182
sdn 3.034909091
flo 3.0390681
cha 3.04996353
min 3.08246696
oak 3.085233442
bos 3.103776854
nya 3.104159896
ana 3.136378849
phi 3.137822111
col 3.202565004

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Written by halejon

April 30, 2012 at 3:41 pm

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  1. I’m sorry, this is a little too imprecise for my taste. I prefer that my pitches per at-bat tables are correct to a minimum of ten decimal places, not nine. How can you expect us to use data that is so approximate?


    May 1, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    • Don’t worry, on the blog there is actual incentive to put effort into we go wayyyyyy past one-every-twenty-million-at-bats of precision…


      May 1, 2012 at 1:05 pm

  2. […] a Mockingbird appearance! As Jon Hale wonders what the fuck is with the Jays having completely turned around […]

  3. What happened in 2009 that everyone has ~0.8 fewer pitches per atbat?


    May 3, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    • Whups…I dumped this out of a pitch f/x database that has a bunch of at bats where nothing was recorded at the start of 2009 (as they were setting up the system, I believe?), and I ran these numbers with it counting all pitches recorded by the system, not ALL pitches. The rankings are still ok, just all the numbers are deflated. Good catch.


      May 3, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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