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Continuing the Mockingbird’s tradition of hitting topics a solid three days after their popularity, how about that Scott Richmond? I am THIS close to anointing him The Real  Deal – no, of course not the real sub-3.00 ERA deal he is pulling right now, but a rather serviceable back end of the rotation guy, which given the Jays’ situation right now slots him right behind the Doc in the rotation as a solid #2 starter. (Sigh)

So why in god’s name would this sample size aficionado and eternal Jays’ pessimist do such a thing after a mere 50 innings, less than once through the majors, and a resume with as many lies and gaps as err…mine? Well let’s read the pitch f/x tea leaves, starting with his repertoire so far this season:


The mix is 49% fastball, 28% slider, 13% curveball and 9% changeup. No pitch really jumps off the page as being particularly deadly, but neither does anything scream DANGER DANGER like Litsch last season or Purcey this year. His changeup drops, his breaking pitches break, and everything is moving consistently.

With a decent feel for his pitches and a 92 mph fastball, the only thing that could really spell imminent disaster is a lack of control – not a unreasonable worry seeing he’s walking 4 a game at this point. So here’s where his pitches have ended up:


Make of it what you will…his fastball is kind of all over the place and not down in the zone, but everything else is close. He might even want to throw his curve more often, because he seems to be peppering the very bottom of the strike zone with it, and his changeup is also falling out of the bottom of the zone nicely.

But just from watching Richmond pitch (and without doing the whole miss % thing), you can tell his slider is clearly his best pitch, and it has gotten him most of his K’s. If you were listening to the TV broadcast, apparently it’s a “pure” slider, whatever the hell that means. I’d much rather call it dirrrty. At least until he gets figured out and makes this lovefest of a post look ridiculous.


Written by halejon

April 30, 2009 at 5:51 am

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  1. Hey there…

    What happens hen you remove Richmond’s first start this year, which was pitched on a cold and rainy day? He admitted that day he was having trouble controlling the ball out of his hand due to the weather.

    Kevin A

    May 3, 2009 at 12:04 pm

  2. […] that Richmond throws only to lefties (about 15 percent of the time), and as you can see from the last post on him, he has pretty good control over it (it’s also as effective as his other breaking pitches). […]

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