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Are the trade rumours circulating around the Jays (Bay? Ibanez???) signs of an incredibly oversaturated rumour mill or Ricciardi actually having lost his mind and deciding to win now after a season of maneouvering for the future? The Drunks have pegged it by being dismissive and irate at the same time.

Update: Ha! – via rotoworld, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Forget Toronto. Just got a call from the Blue Jays. Pirates asked for something so excessive, in Toronto’s minds, that the Jays’ inquiry consisted of exactly one phone call….the Pirates asked Toronto for outfielder Travis Snider, the Jays’ No. 1 prospect, and pitcher Shaun Marcum, a starter who did not rank among Baseball America’s top 10 for that organization. Toronto was very displeased with the way the talks — or talk — went.” Yeah, I’m officially going to stop even dignifying stupid puffed up trade rumours with a second glance. It only encourages them. Ricciardi isn’t mental, he was just doing his job and was appropriately insulted when they asked for the moon.

I don’t think anybody has noticed that Accardo is writing a blog on sportsnet. His “oh god I’m bored on the DL” post probably won’t win any awards, but I wish he’s said even more about the mechanical changes he’s made to fix what evidently ruined his splitter and put him on the DL, and recently he riffed a bit on mind games.

Ricciardi has managed to piss off minor Canadian legend Stubby Clapp by pointing out the obvious about where the Olympics rank in terms of, well, everything, compared to the majors. I’m not sure that the Sun writers (despite years of training to put together sentences, even string them occasionally into complete paragraphs, while staying below the critical grade-four reading level) have quite grasped the delicate meaning of sarcasm, since J.P’s quote: “When kids are in the back yard playing catch, do they dream of being in the big leagues or the Olympics?” seems pretty damn straightforward to me.

But anyway, Stubby fired back: “There’s a professional way to go about things, obviously, he doesn’t understand,” (Oh, he understands, Stubby. He just doesn’t care) and then gets a little confusing. First there’s a Ricciardi-Dunnesque: “He doesn’t understand what being Canadian is”, and then Clapp just get defensive: “or what it takes for a Canadian to get to the big leagues.” When of course what J.P. is pointing out is exactly that- it takes a freaking MIRACLE for a Canadian to make it so when the chance comes, it sadly but without question trumps playing for your country.


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July 31, 2008 at 2:34 pm

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