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I don’t even want to waste text on this, but since blogs generally are accused of starting stupid rumours, it’s time to give a little back (Via Les Drunks):

The whispers just won’t go away. Halladay is apparently unhappy in Toronto and has let management know it, and management has apparently responded by doing some quiet surveying of teams (such as St. Louis and the Dodgers) that are far, far away from the AL East in an effort to see what it could get for the 2003 Cy Young Award winner.

To completely ease your mind about what a terrible joke this is, here is Roy Halladay on the issue:

“I have two years left on my contract, and at that point we’ll decide what happens from there.

“They [the fans] shouldn’t be worried I’m leaving,” he said.

“There’s no chance if I have anything to say about it that I’m going anywhere. I can understand maybe disappointment with the way we’re going. But as long as it’s up to me, I’m staying.”

Halladay is a Mormon. They don’t lie (or even use tact and/or calculated deception particulary well). And you can actually track the exact moment this incredibly lame attempt at a rumour begins as some hack working for a minor paper in New Jersey needs a quick paragraph (a real scoop that the best pitcher in the AL is available, but (bizarrely) only being shopped around to two teams would be worth at least an article, no?) and so decides to recycle a week-old misquote as if he’s found some huge and breaking (or confirmed by an inside source) news, even though local Journalists haven’t even mentioned it (and can’t even get J.P.’s @#$#$ cell number).

During today’s broadcast, Ricciardi directly and categorically denied this pathetic rumour that “won’t go away”, and it has even been suggested in the past that Jays management are almost too obsessed at how bad a PR move trading Halladay would be. But since J.P. didn’t specifically deny that he had called the Cards, or that this specific journalist (he only mentioned rumormongers in general) was irresponsibly making things up,  it must be true!


Written by halejon

July 25, 2008 at 8:12 pm

Posted in Seriousness

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