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Miguel Cairo, Jay Killer?!?!

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Do not adjust your sets. The last time the Jays faced the Mariners, Miguel Cairo won the first game with a suicide squeeze and preserved it a great play at first, and then in the last game of the series was bizarrely walked by B.J. Ryan in the 9th to set up another win. This time around, Seattle has inexplicably slotted what would be the second worst hitter in the entire league if he qualified into the 2-hole (seriously stupid- the equivalent of batting John McDonald second because he can bunt and is handy with infield grounders to the right side. Or Marco Scut- oops…), and he somehow rakes two doubles and drives in three off Dustin McGowan sending the Jays to another loss. The mind boggles.

I’m not doing a stupid graph for Cairo. The first double was off a fastball three feet high and smack down the middle of the plate (it literally cut it in two almost exactly), and the second on a hanging slider, again right down the middle of the plate. Otherwise, McGowan was lights out.

On the bright side, this new guy Lind (where did he come from??) crushed another home run – to (slightly) the opposite field, again. Has anyone shown this kind of power on the Jays at any point this season? At his current rate, Lind will lead the team in HR’s in just over two weeks (gag). Call me crazy, but I really think this kid might have some potential. In fact, I’m surprised scouts haven’t been raving about him for years and that he hasn’t won a minor league MVP or two. Without bothering to look up how he was doing before being called up, I even think he might even be a better option than Shannon Stewart if he ever comes back or maybe even Brad Wilkerson. If I were really on top of my game, I might even have been calling for Lind to be called up for months now because it seems pretty obvious he’s ready. Gah.

Brandon League was also throwing gas, hitting 97-98 with ease. He did walk two, but I’m going to attribute that to him not having pitched in a dog’s age since after his first little while his control was fine in the minors. He’s been throwing multiple innings at that velocity as well- wow. Name another dominant, multiple-inning setup man with a GB/FB ration of 3:1. He might be a headcase, but as long as his arm stays attached to his body, it’s a matter of time with the ridiculous movement on his pitches back. Poor Brian Wolfe, sent back down to the minors at the last minute because his ERA is only in the mid 3’s. That’s only slightly above average for a bullpen guy, which won’t cut it for the last option in the pen around here…

Last and least, the winner of the home run drought prediction is….*drum roll*: “Roomie”, with an esoteric but surprisingly accurate guess of 33 1/3 innings (the actual longest drought was 33 innings, which was ended by Adam Lind’s swattage). There are at least a couple of you out there who probably know who this person is. Please, please, shut the hell up. I swear to god I had nothing to do with it.


Written by halejon

July 3, 2008 at 2:48 am

Posted in Seriousness

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