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Resumed Futility!

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming, the Jays ended their (highly anticipated) homerless streak at 8 innings, but continued their league-leading futility with the bases loaded and nobody out, grounding into a couple of double plays (including a classic Overbay tapper to the pitcher-home-first) while providing an emphatic answer to the rhetorical question posed by about a million sports outlets after last night’s Arroyo experience:

Is it really this simple? Reach into the distant past for a reminder of what has been and could be again and, voila, all those empty shirts become ball players again?

Rhetorical answer: NO. NO. NO. Anyway, as the team is apparently painfully aware, according to Bill James online, the Jays have been pretty close to league average with RISP, but have managed to be staggeringly terrible in a couple of situations:

Situation Jays runs League average runs
Bases Loaded, 0 out 1.417 2.130
2nd Third, 0 out 1.222 1.950

They’re just mediocre in all other base/out states – zero out with runners in key positions is where the shit really hits the fan. But don’t worry! Scott Rolen is feeling grrrrrrrrreat as he flies out to extremely shallow right-centre with the game on the line!

In other bizzare news, the Jays’ bullpen has a 2.98 record and a staggering 4-15 record. That’s really, really,  hard to do, especially two years in a row. I know W/L are not the greatest performance evaluators, but it’s not even due to a total lack of run support – the Jays are really not that bad close and late or in the late innings this year.

I hate to bring it up, but there could be a case for the Jays bullpen being exceedingly “unclutch” over the last two seasons. Tonight sure felt like it – two walks to start the 10th inning and another yet another one run/extra innings gift-wrapped without the opposing team managing a hit…How can this be in the re-Cito era?!?


Written by halejon

June 26, 2008 at 2:53 am

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  1. At least we can hit 2 run homers now. (Or solo homers.)


    June 26, 2008 at 5:02 pm

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