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This from the Onion: what I find funniest is this sarcasm at certain journalists mailing it in is in turn a rehash of what I used to write every week until it got old. Possibly yesterday. Still, nice to see a hometown boy getting some international recognition.

Toronto Columnist Writes Annual ‘Blue Jays Have A Chance’ Article

TORONTO—Following a flurry of offseason activity by his hometown Blue Jays, Toronto Star baseball columnist Richard Griffin has written his yearly mid-March article asserting that the Jays have a chance to contend in the AL East. “The acquisitions of Scott Rolen and David Eckstein just might get the Blue Jays over the hump and turn them from also-rans to world champions,” wrote Griffin in an excerpt that was lifted directly from his 2007 article but with the names Frank Thomas and John Thomson substituted out, which itself was copied from a 2006 article about A.J. Burnett and B.J. Ryan.”Though the Jays will be facing defending champion Red Sox and the $200 million New York Yankees a combined 37 times this season, and the Rays might be the most improved team in baseball, the Blue Jays are also very good.”The Star has yet to comment on whether or not a separate Griffin article predicting the Blue Jays to finish fourth was a misprint.

As Wilner wrote on his blog and told to primetime sports afterwards, this was a pretty wussy rainout of a home opener. Apparently the rain that was forecast never really came, and if you had your eyeballs pressed against the biggest flat screen waiting for the first pitch like me (and were instead scarred for life by about an hour and a half of Blue Jay players in full gear spouting the same boosterisms again and again), you noticed that it wasn’t really ever pouring. First last year we had games cancelled due to cold, and now this. What happened to opening the season in several inches of snow? Now that’s old time baseball.

Speaking of which, so is this…while trying to find a picture of that classic game, I blundered across these even more classic Jays ads via Torontoist:


And one final one blast from the past, it’s the Drunk Jays Fan’s Bogg’s head in cartoon form! Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought back in the day it was fully acceptable, if not a potential resume-builder to get behind the wheel and drive back to the suburbs as long as you were not legally blind. For the full story on what sounds like a great shuttle service for the time (or at least allows you to sober up until you get off the GO in the middle of Ajax), check out the original post at JB’s Warehouse and Curio Emporium.



Written by halejon

April 1, 2008 at 5:57 am

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