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  • Doctor Kremcheck finally pulled the plug on Ryan pushing his schedule up once again. Can’t really call it ‘setback’ because Ryan didn’t feel anything or get a bad test result back- it’s just a doctor telling them that’s probably going to happen if they keep letting him speed back into action as fast as his raging give-me-the-ball mentality wants to. Ryan is still potentially on schedule to break camp with the team.
  • What do you do when you land an exclusive, prime piece of fluff about Gregg Zaun’s recovery from errr…don’t say alcoholism, but “drinkerism” – but you haven’t been paying attention enough attention to the team to know that he was in the Mitchell report? Make it into a postmodern, self-reflective piece on the death of modern myths and idealism! Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio…doo doo doo…
  • Frank Thomas is gripping and ripping it in spring training, trying to hit bombs instead of working on the finer points of hitting. Interesting fact: while Frank was slumping through the first two months, his OBP was still pretty good: around .360 even when his average was around .225! Then his K rate shot through the roof right around the time his power returned and his average never looked back. He says he was being too passive in March- I’d say he was taking the super-selective-slugger thing too far in April and May as well. Let loose, Hurt! Either boom or bust before your vesting option kicks in, there’s no room for mediocrity…
  • Remember Jordan De Jong? He’s one of the relievers that the Jays streamed through the 7th spot in the bullpen before Brian Wolfe pitched his face off and refused to be sent down. Well, according to some fancy minor-league stat crunching by Robert McQuown, he’s one of the top sleeper major-league relievers. Poor bastard, he’s totally buried in AAA behind a great bullpen and a bunch of cheap depth we picked up because marginal free agents were available in historic numbers.
  • Speaking of Wolfe, apparently he needs to nibble around the plate to be successful even though he throws 95mph (and struck out 3 guys on 9 pitches early in spring training). I like MacLeod, he’s not full of it. But I think he’s in his own personal spring training finding form after 8 years of following that other sport with the big bouncy ball. Wolfe’s ERA was actually 2.98 last year, not 4.29, which makes his to make the team whole better. As long as he can keep being crafty. With his blazing heat.Perhaps he can also learn the “ devastating, 100 mph cut fastball” that Brandon League doesn’t throw. That nobody in the world is physically capable of throwing (cut fastballs move the opposite way as 2-seamers and are slower). I know, I know, it’s just spring training…he’ll be there when the games start to count.
  • John McDonald is just too much of a class act. He takes his bait-and-switch return to being a backup with 1) the suggestion that the team treated him well by giving him financial security in the first place 2) that he’s not the only one being upgraded 3) that if his average (and OBP?!) wasn’t terrible it wouldn’t have happened, and finally 4) implying that he might have done the same thing in the Jays place that don’t even sound like the normal I’m-so-mad-but-I-have-to-say-this B.S. you normally hear. No wonder he brings tears (and possibly boners?) to the eyes of Drunks at nights.
  • David Purcey has ADD. (Hat tip: The Southpaw)Arnsberg says Purcey must be the self-declared ace in Syracuse this year. “He shouldn’t go there thinking, ‘I’m going to be one of the five starters.’ He wants to be that guy that, 30 innings into a big-league season, if we have to make a phone call to get a starter up here, he should be that guy.”

All three of Gibbons, Ricciardi and Arnsberg have now tabbed him as a potential injury depth this year. He’s also slimmed down. Don’t be fooled by his final numbers- he was absolutely dominating AA for a month and a half last year before he got injured.


Written by halejon

March 7, 2008 at 6:24 pm

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