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Could you say that again, Mr. Griffin? Into the little flower on my lapel, please? Yes, everyone’s favorite big-media sports columnist finally put it in print. Out of context or not, it’s the most accurate thing in his article. Some highlights:

As for the Jays and their obvious mid-season decision to continue being mediocre, it’s all about pedigree.

Does anyone actually believe that any of the Jays decided to be mediocre? You know, Overbay and Glaus turn to each other one day and say “you know, we’ve been solid professional hitters long enough, let’s have the worst seasons of our careers!”.

The (Yankees) pitchers returned to health and the rest is history in the making. The Jays, meanwhile, have relied on unexpected sources for their improved pitching and must therefore expect some inconsistency and missteps in the regular season marathon.

Right…because the Blue Jays’ pitching has really been what’s holding them back. Especially over the long haul. It’s just killing us. All this inconsistency. I mean at least with the offence you know what you’re going to get! And that would be nothing.

The wild-card in the Yankees-Jays comparison has been the calming influence of manager Joe Torre.

Not that being able to spring 20 million dollars for one player to shore up the team’s weaknesses provided a significant difference to two floundering ballclubs. Nahh, it must have been the meaningless figurehead.

Ricciardi and his treatment of the third base position have constantly been a mystery. No matter who he has had at that position he has tried to upgrade, even if it meant diminishing at another position – like second base.

And looking back, he was right to upgrade every time. Despite Dick’s crush on Hinske, he’s hitting below the Mendoza line on Boston’s bench, and Koskie played less than half a season for Milwaukee and his career is now probably over.

…when they drafted (Russ Adams), they knew that he would have to change positions in the long term to be a major-leaguer.

As recently as LAST YEAR they refused to move him from shortstop to start the season even though they had a perfectly capable SS to play there because they were sure he could make it as a shortstop. I’ve linked to this article before:

LaCava says there was no debate inside the organization. “We never considered moving Adams off shortstop. We think they are in the right spots right now, Russ keeps getting better each year, he has come a long way and some of the errors he made last year he won’t make this year.”

And even the questioners are incompetent! As the Tao of Stieb pointed out, they have a strange habit of praising him before they speak. And I mentioned in those comments, that guy who says that Hudson has hit more HR’s than Glaus with runners in scoring position needs to get his facts right and stop being Richard Griffin.

The final highlight is when the Griff dodges the question about why Clemens’ likes the Skydome’s mound and goes on a rant about how he’s an egomaniac who will say anything. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…is it that hard to admit that you just don’t know, or to take the word of countless other ballplayers that it is one of the best mounds in baseball?? (scroll down for Wakefield praising Paul Egan).

And now the “Griffins” Trifecta of blog bashing is complete…


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August 16, 2007 at 7:38 pm

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  1. Amazing!

    The “Griffins” Triple Crown is now complete.


    August 16, 2007 at 8:48 pm

  2. […] patience” in Hinske and/or going with the plan of staying pat in the AL East. Just read my old post on his old post, from when we both still had fire in our bellies. Tagged with: Blue Jays, Corey […]

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