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There were a number of changes to the MLB rulebook this offseason. Some of them were no brainers:

  • Explicitly confirming that Kenny Rogers cannot lather his hand in pine tar;
  • Stopping “human rain delays” by dropping the time allowed between pitches to 12 seconds;
  • Mentioning in teensy type at the front of the rulebook that “he” really means the ladies, too.

But one of the ones I really liked was resuming tie games that were suspended from where they left off. Why in the world would you play the whole game over? Well, here’s why:

Last night’s game ended in the top of the inning seconds after the Yankees had rallied from behind and taken a 2-run lead. It was never really a tie, but counts for the purpose of the new rule. So the Yankees are really very probably going to win, but instead we have to mentally adjust the standings for the next month.

On top of that, the O’s have a rather legitimate gripe that the top of the last inning that saved the Yankees was played in ridiculous conditions, while the bottom will be on a freshly-manicured field in the beauty that is the end of July. Am I just griping because it’s the Yankees? Very possibly. But I like suspending a game for a month with one team with a commanding lead as much as I like the idea of instant replay in baseball. It may be more accurate, but it’s wrong.

Oh, and interim manager Dave Trembley gets the award for most diplomatic comment ever concerning his team’s reaction to the end of the game. What is this, Cricket??

“You got some guys that felt like we had the game, and the way it ended isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so to speak.”


Written by halejon

June 29, 2007 at 8:30 pm

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