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Fraternization Debate Rages On

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On the heels of Liebergate, new allegations have been made in baseball’s fraternization scandal. In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Josh Towers has revealed that he was offered advice during the season by several rival players, including Boston’s David Ortiz.

“Basically, he told me I sucked,” Towers told the Star. “I wasn’t locating my pitches and they didn’t have any movement on them. And that’s why he was swatting them out of the yard every time we met.”

The conversation came during Boston’s May 4 shellacking of Towers. “He was sitting on the dugout steps and just sort of called out to me: “Hey Towers!” he said. “You’re brutal! Keep throwing those c**k shots!” I just sort of stepped back and was like: “Really? Am I doing that?” It was a real wakeup call.”

Asked if Ortiz’s comments were helpful, Towers said, “Yeah, there is no question. I had no idea why my season was going so badly and he set me straight. I talked to Arnsberg after the game, and he agreed. From there it was just a matter of cutting out everything I was doing that was terrible.”

Those in uniform – players, coaches and managers – frequently exchange constructive criticism and advise each other in a jocular fashion during games.

Said an unnamed catcher whose last name begins with a Z: “I think it happens more often than people realize. Some guys just have big hearts. They see someone struggling and just need to let them know what league they should be playing in, or who they swing like. Or else they get intoxicated and let something helpful slip when they run into the player out on the town.”


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March 1, 2007 at 5:24 am

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  1. In another bizarre and unexpected twist to the Yankee’s “infield-gate”, SS Derek Jeter and 3B Alex Rodriguez announced that they were “making up” and had resolved their past differences.

    When confronted about this new development in their new relationship, Jeter said, “Well, every relationship has a few bumps now and again….Last night, I invited Alex over for some dinner and some foosball, we figured everything out”.

    Some teammates suggested that Alex might have been suffering from some “Position Envy”.

    Later in the day, the two were spotted holding hands and “snuggling” in the clubhouse.

    After this was revealed to the media, Tim Hardaway was upfront with his comments on the situation between the two infielders, “I let it be known that I still I don’t like gay people”, later suggesting that since the two shower together regularly as athletes, they might be able to use a bar of soap he offered “to wash their gayness off”. Provided he be allowed to watch.


    March 1, 2007 at 6:12 pm

  2. You two are a riot.
    This season is going to be hilarious.


    March 1, 2007 at 9:49 pm

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